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The Future is now

Be ready with Doshex.

An open network, where people and businesses can freely and trustfully trade, through the use of leading digital commerce solutions.


Introducing DoshEx

As a leading provider of digital commerce solutions, we are creating an open network, where people and businesses can freely and trustfully trade through the use of leading digital commerce solutions, while equitably rewarding anyone contributing to the network.


Our solutions are underpinned by continuously evolving next generation technologies, enabling you to create, send and trade digital representations of all forms of value. It's designed so that all connected parties can work together on a single network.

About Us

How it works?

Doshex Core software does the hard work of validating and agreeing with other instances of the DoshEx Core on the status of every transaction through the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP). The network itself is a collection of connected cores run by various individuals and entities.


Wrapped around the Doshex core are reusable transactional modules, (known as the Doshex Treasury) that allow for simple wallet and payments integration into any app, which enables you to focus on your business without having to worry about the complexities of transactional management.

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Technology-first approach to digital value.


Designed by managers. Simplified by developers

We painstakingly focus on aggregating disparate payment and value systems, so that your team doesn’t have to. Enabling wallets and digital value can be as easy as writing a couple lines of code through the use of our world class api's.


The backbone for digital value

For innovative businesses around the world, Doshex standardises value and makes it trusted and simple to move, so that you can focus on enabling new and scalable business models across millions of users.


Battle-tested reliability

Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime and are highly scalable.

How It Works


The DoshEx Treasury, running on its version of the Stellar Blockchain, enables everything you need to deploy a robust wallet solution in your application. A treasury is responsible for balancing and managing the daily flows and liquidity of your wallets within your ecosystem. This service manages the allocation of value to the respective users and overall balancing across the ecosystem.


Each ecosystem partner acts as an anchor on the Doshex core network, responsible for the value it issues to the network and its users.


It enables your customers to transact within your app, while simultaneously making it interoperable with the entire ecosystem and other digital assets.


The Doshex core and Treasury is a platform that connects organisations, payment systems and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably and at almost no cost. The DoshEx Core and Treasury is a common financial platform that is designed to be open and accessible to everyone.

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Sherlock is an enterprise-ready smart contract bringing together IoT, Distributed Document Management and Blockchain to improve traditional contracts, which in turn will make the business processes more efficient, more transparent, more proactive and ensure accountability of participants relevant to the contracts that bind the network while ensuring quality adheres to required standards.

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We have integrated a set of market leading tools to the DoshEx Core and Treasury to allow tools to solves their business needs. The relevant tools are packaged together and deployed with client specific business logic and a client specific app, which are both owned by the client.

Our Works

Some of our work

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