Brandon Magwirokona

Brandon Magwirokona

Full Stack Developer

Brandon is a budding Software developer keen on and geared to developing, improving and providing 4IR solutions to 21st Century problems.

Passion through building

Brandon is a budding Software developer whose passion for the intricacies of software and its interaction with the real world has led him to seek out ways to develop, provide, improve and subsequently simplify 4IR solutions to 21st Century problems.

His interests in Machine Learning and Cyber security have led him down a path of understanding the implications of these concepts in everyday applications and thus it is his goal to be well rounded in the interfaces (Front-end) and associated tasks and functions carried out by them (Back-end).

To this end, he has sought to improve and grow his STACK, along with his soft skills, which includes, but is not limited to, Javascript, Typescript, Flutter, MongoDB and Python. His 3+ years in the commercial and financial Industry have given him an insight on client and user expectations and the positive conditioning required to foster good communication among them. This may be in the form of maintaining the client’s brand and or ensuring that their applications cater to the user’s needs and concerns.

These skills applied together allow Brandon to understand the applications and the people that will use them.

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