Seyi Ogunbowale

Seyi Ogunbowale

Full Stack Developer

Versatile UX/UI Designer & Full-Stack Developer with 5+ years of experience implementing complex web apps and internal frameworks.

Design meets development.

Seyi am a highly skilled and versatile UX/UI Designer and Full-Stack Developer with over five years of experience in creating complex web applications and internal frameworks.

In his career so far, he has demonstrated a strong understanding of both design and development principles, allowing him to bring together beautiful and functional user interfaces with robust back-end systems. He has a proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget, and I am always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the user experience.

His experience includes working with a wide range of technologies, including React, Flutter, Vue, Node.js, and MongoDB. He has also developed custom-built solutions for clients, working closely with them to understand their needs and requirements and to deliver a product that exceeds their expectations.

Seyi is a problem-solver at heart and enjoy the challenge of finding the best solution for each individual project. He is a quick learner and is always eager to expand his skill set. Syei is also a strong communicator and team player, able to work effectively with cross-functional teams to ensure successful project delivery.